The Dime Plan


Why the "Dime Plan" is Better Than Obamacare

  ~It eliminates the 0.9% Medicare surtax charged by the ACA   
~  It is free for everyone
 ~ No copay
  ~No deductible
 ~ No rising premiums
 ~ Eliminates Medicaid
 ~ Equally available to everyone
 ~ No reimbursements on income tax
 ~ It is Not a single-payer/Gov’t-paid insurance
~  Not conditional on employment status
 ~ Not tax related
~ Implemented the same as Medicare
~  Will operate under a private entity
 ~ All young people will be covered
~  No Federal control
 ~ Free market
~  Rate Increases can be easy
~  Few/No regulations
  ~No federal money involved
~  No tax penalty if you opt-out
 ~ Pre-existing conditions will be covered
 ~ Continuous coverage would apply
 ~ No diminished choices ~ retain current providers
 ~ All testing to be done by 23&Me~no doctors involved
~  Unnecessary trips to the Doctor are not required
~  All Co-Op health care would be considered as “coverage”
                                     including the 3 existing Religious Co-Op groups.

IF this “Dime Plan” is not used for health care, it could be used to       
      reduce the National Debt by more than 355 billion annually.

IF this plan was implemented on $0.20, then there should be a surplus of money that could replenish the $716billion borrowed from Medicare under the Obama Administration.