The Dime Plan


Where it's going and Where it's been

8 JANUARY 2018

Up to now, I have emailed numerous talk show, radio and political Operatives.

 I have also gone to Washington and personally
put a copy of this plan in the office of almost
every senator in the United States.
I have taken the time to get it to Mr. Price director of Health and Human Sevices.

I stood for hours at the North Carolina Republican Convention and presented this plan to a plethera of people there.
It was well received.

I have personally put this idea in the hands of
Senator Thom Tillis and Congressmen David Rouzer.

I have sent it to many media outlets including the
Washington Post.

Many people, both with political standing and without, have found merit in this idea and have passed it on to senators and others that hold influencial offices.