The Dime Plan


A Fair and Balanced Health Care Plan 

“Dime Health Plan”
How it works!

Major Chain Grocery Stores
(not ALL grocery stores)
Each store sells approximately 13,770 items per day times $.10 = $1,377.00
Multiplied by 38,015 stores in the US = $52,346,655.00
Times 360 days a year = $18,844,795,800

Wal-Mart Stores
Each store sells approximately 700,000 items per day times $.10 = $70,000
Multiplied by 6,300 stores in the US = $441,000,000
Times 360 days a year = $158,760,000,000
*NOTE: 700,000 items is based on an estimate given by the local Wal-Mart Super Center. 
We used 360 days to get a conservative estimate.

Major Chain Restaurant Companies
(ONLY includes Darden, Bloomin’ Brand, and Brinker)
They sell approximately 960,000,000 meals per year times $.10 =

The total of these three examples combined

If this number were to include convenient stores; clothing, appliance, electronic, hardware and other retail stores; fast food and other restaurants; on-line retailers such as Amazon; etc. it could easily double (or even triple) to equal…


We could pay a good amount of our Nation’s Health Care needs with just a penny on every item sold in the United States.

Now let us put this in perspective…

There are 324,118,787 People in the United States
Subtract the 64,474,005 people with Medicare & VA insurance
Leaving 259,644,782 people

My Health Care currently cost me $109 a month
deducted from my Social Security. 
If we deduct this amount out of every government and state issued check AND implement the Penny Plan this would more than pay for every citizen’s insurance,
and we would no longer need Medicaid.
Ending Medicaid will allow our government to redistribute that money to be used more effectively elsewhere. 

Keep in mind that the majority of the 259,644,782 people are employed and more than a third of those employed are offered discounted Health Insurance.  There would be more than enough to even help covered employees with their deductibles.

Just the described “Dime Plan” Alone

Using my cost of $109/monthly as an example
$109 monthly times 12 months = $1,308 per person annually
$355,401,591,600 (that’s billions) solely brought in by the Penny Plan divided by $1,308 per person annually =

271,713,755 people covered

This plan would cover more than the 20 million currently covered by Obamacare

This Plan would be re-evaluated, re-calculated and amended annually over a 5-year period and if health care cost were to increase, the amount could increase to $.20.